2001 AirChime KMJ-234

The AirChime KMJ-234 horn is one of the rarest multi chime marine horns ever made. There are only a handful in collections today. Most of the KM-Junior series horns were sold as single chimes, usually with an attached enclosed air compressor. The 234 series horn features bells KMJ-2, -3, and -4 bells, playing 208, 261, 311 Hz respectively. The KMJ-2 bell is equivalent to an AirChime series 2L bell. AirChime catalogued KMJ-1 and KMJ-6 bells, but no such examples have ever been found.

This 2001 KMJ-234 was mounted on a semi-truck for most of its life. The owner removed it, media blasted it, and repainted it with Rustoleum Light Machine Gray, virtually the same color as the original. They also replaced all the fasteners with stainless steel versions.

This horn is also used as a goal horn in some hockey arenas, such as the home of the Pittsburgh Penguins, the PPG Paints Arena.