1964 Wabush Lake Railway AirChime K5HR24

These images show some interior photos of the bells. Note the iron oxide dust that has mixed with water to create rust streaks.

This 1964 Nathan AirChime K5HR24 was sourced from Wabush Lake Railway MLW RS-18 #910. The Wabush Lake Railway was built in 1963, to move iron ore from a mine near Labrador City, NL, Canada to interchange with the Quebec North Shore and Labrador Railway in Wabush. Original locomotives included RS-18's numbered 908-911. All of these locomotives were equipped with Nathan AirChime K5HR24's like the one above. In comparison, Arnaud Railway RS-18's, which interchanged with the Wabush Lake Railway, were equipped with M3H's.

Horn 5690 was built in 1964, delivered to MLW around April 1965 when the locomotive was built. This horn has rare adjustable back caps, allowing a user to set the speaking pressure of each bell. Using these adjustable back caps, one can make each bell speak one after another.

I tested this horn before taking it apart and all I got was dust out of each bell. Taking it apart, I made notes of where each bolt, diaphragm set, pressure plate, and diffuser ring went. The interior of the horn was very dirty, with iron ore dust permeating every nook and cranny. I washed each part with parts cleaner, dish soap and water. I then reassembled the horn for testing and operation.