AirChime Serial Number Tags

On this page you will find the variations of AirChime  serial number tags / data plates. I will try and categorize them in order of date- oldest to newest. All dates on this page are approximate and are subject to change.

Special thanks to: 

Ryan Grantham and Christopher Smith for various photos.

AirChime Hexatone H6

The very first AirChime locomotive horns, the H6 series did not have a tag. Instead, a large "Hexatone" information plate was cast into the manifold itself. Here's a photo of the information plate on H6 #1. 

AirChime N3's

The next series of horns from AirChime were the N3's. These, like the H6's did not feature traditional data tags. Instead, the model and serial number were stamped into the manifold itself.

The single H and N horns also were marked with the model and serial number somewhere on the horn, usually the manifold with a metal stamp.

First M-series Horns

The first M series horns were stamped with the serial number on the back of the #1 power chamber, and on the back of the manifold mounting foot. Some horns sold by Burnett Power Saws had a brass BPS tag on either the manifold, or the back of the largest bell on the horn. They also had "Made in Canada" brass tags on a support rib of M5 manifolds, and along the top of M3 manifolds.

Serial Number 1000

Starting at about serial number #1000, large Burnett Power Saws tags started to appear on M horns. These were featured on one of the side reinforcements on M5's, and along the top of the #1 bell mount on M3's. On early K horns, they were found on the largest bell of the horn, over the bell mounting foot. Large serial numbers continued until about SN 1100.

Serial Number 2000

At around serial number #2000, the large BPS tags were abandoned in favor of smaller "The Holden Co. LTD." tags. These were found in the same place as the big BPS tags. 

Serial Number 7300

Around serial number #7300, "The Holden Co. LTD" builder changed to "IEC-Holden LTD." Other changes included the addition of "Edmonton" in the locations line.

Serial Number ~11000

Around serial number 11,000 the tags changed to IEC-Holden INC. The locations line lost Moncton and Vancouver, and was left with: "Montreal - Toronto - Winnipeg - Edmonton"

Serial Number 20000

At about serial number 20,000, AirChime stopped putting Holden tags on locomotive horns. They instead switched to their on stainless steel tag shown here. There were a few variations of this tag for marine and industrial warning horns.